LO STUDIO's selection of artists and craftsmen is constantly evolving and changing over time

A unique place on the island for those looking for objects on the border between craftsmanship and art: a place full of charm and history to visit for an original purchase or just to see something beautiful.



THE STUDIO was born from Cristina Mattera's intuition, simple and at the same time innovative, especially in latitudes where craftsmanship usually takes on tones of folklore, of revival of tradition, of antiquity: to discover, with her own sensitivity as an artist and daughter of art, objects that are on the borderline — sometimes impalpable and indefinable — between craftsmanship and art.

A balanced approach

Jewellery, ceramics, fabrics, accessories: what guides us in the choice of each product on display is the search for a balance between the knowledge of the material, the innovative look of the designer and the uniqueness of the "piece".

Exploring new ways

The task that we carry out every day with dedication and curiosity is to find those usable or wearable objects that go beyond the mere reproduction of a traditional model and, while retaining the rugged charm of the material, deconstruct it in new forms and ways.

A place that tells a story of its own

Between 1970 and 2005, it was the art studio of the painter Gabriele Mattera, whose presence can still be felt in the works on the walls and in the splashes of colour on the floor, left as they were on the last day, and in the curtains that shield the constant light from the north.
It was probably the refectory of the Poor Clares of the convent founded four centuries earlier by Beatrice Quadra, widow of Muzio D'Avalos, which lasted for about 200 years.