L'ALBERGO DEL MONASTERO is an intimate and authentic place that respects the eloquence of its spaces and its history

20 rooms overlooking the sea; a terrace overlooking the bay and the village of Ischia Ponte, where you can look out over the sea, read, have an aperitif or dine, all while immersed in the tranquillity of the sunny and secluded vegetable garden.


L'ALBERGO DEL MONASTERO was a convent of the Poor Clare nuns between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.

Accessible by a lift carved into the rock and located on the islet that we now call the Aragonese Castle, the ancient convent was transformed in the 1960s into a place of welcome for travellers.

Between the past and present

In 1575, Beatrice Quadra, widow of Avalos, founded a cloistered convent here: contemplation, silence, prayer, chastity and poverty marked the entire life of the nuns within these walls.
In the 1970s, the first travellers who wanted to stay in the former convent were given sheets and, as there was no electricity, candles to help them through the night.

L'ALBERGO DEL MONASTERO has preserved its ancient façade and many of its original features, such as the white limestone vaults of the sixteenth-century architecture, which can be found in most of the 18 rooms and 2 suites.

Art's discreet presence

The common areas, the corridors, the rooms are a collection of the artistic heritage of the Mattera family. The walls are decorated with paintings and drawings by Gabriele Mattera and works by his artist friends: Leonardo Cremonini, Raffaele Iacono, Elio Waschimps, Salvatore Basile.

A sober Mediterranean style

In the rooms, the essential furnishings are the result of a constant personal search for a Mediterranean style. Hence the choice of wrought-iron beds, custom-made shelves and the presence of the original blue majolica tiles that decorate the floors of the reception area and the rooms on the first floor, on which the geometric motif designed by Gabriele Mattera has become the trademark of IL MONASTERO.


L'altana suite

The most exclusive environment in the entire hotel: 4 beds (2 bedrooms), spacious rooms, a cosy living room and two large private terraces from which you can see most of the island.


Peace and contemplation

Silence, sun, fruit trees and rows of aromatic herbs; the seagulls flying high in the sky and the glow of the sea on the horizon: our guests have free access to the vegetable garden, where they can walk, read and relax.


Culture at your fingertips

In the summer, the castle is constantly bustling with art exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances, conferences and festivals, of which you are a welcome guest.


Exploring the castle

Our guests are always welcome to visit the Aragonese Castle: almost 2 km in the open air, among the scents of the Mediterranean, easy paths, crops, millstones, churches, palaces, terraces.